SuperVilla concept summary

Team DTU will by the project Supervilla demonstrate an affordable, sustainable renovation
method for Nordic detached villas originating from 1950-1980, and as a bonus transform their
urban environments to more diverse, attractive and less uniform urban quarters in the shape
of the so-called Garden City principles, where urban life and near-ness to nature blends in.

Project goals
- To propose a new sub-urban reality for attractive, sustainable living
- To obtain much improved energy and indoor climate performance of villas from 1950-1980
- To suggest sustainable designs and production methods of prefabricated components
- To continue the investigation upon non-heated spaces within the living area of homes
- To see already used building materials as ressources - to circulate materials renovation

Project impact
-100% more inhabitants in the suburbs, safe, sound and social living in homes with flexibility
-No need for destroying sparse European nature by urbanization in many years from now on
-Reduced energy consumption in the suburbs and improved value for the single home-owner