Construction of EMBRACE

The past three weeks have been dedicated to the construction of EMBRACE. The team students and the carpenters have worked hard to put up the 4 modules of the house on DTU campus. We started by the technical module, in order to begin as soon as possible the plumbing work, and the three other modules followed.


It is a very exciting period to see our prototype come to reality. The design on the paper is finished, now has come the time to convert our drawings into something tangible. All the work accomplished for one year and a half now takes a concrete shape, and we are very proud of this shape! It is nevertheless a very busy and a bit stressful time, where we have to closely follow the construction process, face the problems as they come and try to solve them. For example we discovered small gaps between the assembled modules, ventilation ducts that were not routed exactly as planned through the structure, or little holes that can compromise the tightness of the vapour barrier. A constant attention is needed to detect these issues and find quick solutions.


Assembly of EMBRACE at DTU – 21st May 2014

On May 21st, we craned the modules to assemble the house together. EMBRACE now stands proudly on DTU campus, even though it still needs a lot of finishing. The weather shield modules are prepared separately and have not been mounted yet on top of the thermal envelope.


Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some links to our gallery, where you can see the evolution of the construction, and the assembly.