Official presentation of EMBRACE

May 22nd marked an important footstep for the EMBRACE project and Team DTU. On that day we officially presented our freshly assembled house to the public and our sponsors.


The Danish minister of Climate, Energy and Buildings Rasmus Helveg gave us the honor to open the house, and the French Ambassador François Zimeray was also present, as the competition will be held in Versailles, France. They both gave inspirational speeches about the importance of student-driven and innovative projects such as the Solar Decathlon, and the impact they can have in today’s world. The minister and the ambassador were preceded by DTU principal and teachers who presented EMBRACE, which is one of the few to have the DTU Blue Dot label. Several projects are recognized by this label for emphasizing sustainability, innovation and their contribution to society. The DTU Blue Dot projects take place across several semesters, so they enable the students to put their knowledge in practice, developing engineering and technical skills, that is why we are very proud to be part of one.


Unfortunately the house was not finished for the ceremony, but it gave us the opportunity to present the construction process and the issues we are currently dealing with. The construction was still apparent, therefore we could show where do the beams support the structure, where are the modules divided, the different layers of insulation in the walls, or what does the radiant floor look like without its covering. It was also an opportunity for our sponsors to display the products they supplied for the EMBRACE house, and see them in place.


Students, minister, sponsors, teachers, guests and ambassador got together afterwards for some drinks and share in a more informal way the accomplishment done until then. You can find more pictures of this sunny day here in our gallery.