Our motto consists of these three strong S’ words. Let us guide you through the concepts behind them, which represent the base of the concept of Embrace.



Embrace all starts with a smart design: the most efficient and innovative systems could not perform efficiently if the architectural design had not been carried out in a clever way. This means all participating parties (engineers, architects, as well as members responsible for budget or communication) are involved from the very beginning, in an integrated design way, where everybody can influence the shape of the project. This process enables to save energy, but a smart approach is also encouraged during the use of the building, so that Embrace can create space, energy, food and comfort in the most sustainable way.


Saving is a key concept of sustainability and the Solar Decathlon project. With the Embrace house, Team DTU emphasizes the savings of resources, energy, space and money. By choosing sustainable materials and design in a smart way, the energy needed for the construction and the use of the house is reduced to a minimum. The demand is covered by active ways such as the photovoltaic panels, which can redistribute part of the energy to the existing building below the Embrace house. By building on top of existing constructions, Embrace also contributes to save space in the context of denser and denser megacities.
The team tried to maintain the cost of the house at an affordable level: our target occupants are a young couple of low to middle incomers, it is therefore important that they are able to actually buy the house. We act on the social level to enable more people to access to home ownership, and on the environmental level: the more people buy sustainable houses, the more the world saves energy.


Embrace invites people to share experiences, laughs and simply life under the weather shelter. A rooftop community is thereby created on top of the existing building, with several dwellings connected by the same weather shield. Neighbors can get to know each other in this semi-public/semi-private area, and partly live together, keeping at the same time the privacy of their own home. The additional room can be used as a connection between two dwellings, to store and share common things, and make the most of space that would otherwise only be used few times. The energy produced by the weather shield is not solely used for one dwelling, but for several Embrace houses, and even more, shared with the existing building by means of a smart grid, which optimizes the use of that energy.