Worldwide, there is a tendency of people moving from the countryside and smaller cities to larger urban areas, resulting in a phenomenon of megacities with denser population and an increased demand for dwellings. Thereby alternative solutions for densifying the city have to be found. A lot of unutilized area on top of existing buildings can be base for new rooftop apartments; the EMBRACE house is such an addition. It embraces together the existing building, its inhabitants, as well as the occupants of the rooftop apartments. The connection between the building and the EMBRACE does not rely only on social bonds and the idea of gathering a community, it also extends to the technical link: the smart grid enables the Embrace to share its surplus of energy in case of overproduction.
Team DTU chose the harbor district of Nordhavn in the suburbs of Copenhagen as its study case, because it is representative of the challenges faced by many modern cities around the world. More and more, such industrial wastelands are enhanced by local urban plans to benefit from their valuable locations close to the inner cities. Copenhagen is no exception, and the City Council is actually developing a very ambitious plan of refurbishing for Nordhavn. We take the industrial buildings of the harbor as a good home for the EMBRACE, and our design is oriented to this specific place to make an implantation in an actual site more realistic in the future.